DineOut Dimanche: Les Faux Bourgeois • Bistro & Café

One Sunday evening,  my friend + I decided to go to Les Faux Bourgeois a.k.a ‘Les Faux Bo’. Some Vancouverites may give me a surprised look and say, “How come you have never tried it?!”. Yes, now finally the time has come.

We were seated at the café, since the bistro was fully booked on that evening.  Since the hunger pang had hit us early, it  did not take long for us to decide what to order.

To start, we ordered Escargots de Bourgogne.

The menu described it as ‘classic, served with parsley and garlic butter’.  The actual dish itself was not as classic as I had expected: they were served on a plate and garlic was surprisingly not predominant in the butter. There was enough chili oil in the butter that it almost reminded me of chorizo.

Nevertheless, we loved the escargots because their texture was just perfect. We finished them up with the complimentary bread, which unfortunately was not warm and moist to my liking.

Next the entrée:
My friend ordered the Canard Confit and I ordered the La Cotê de Porc.

(pork chop with roasted garlic potato salad, crispy onions, apple gastrique, apple, pecan and watercress)

(confit duck on a warm salad of apple, arugula, goat cheese and snap peas with port jus)

The confit was tasty. The salad added nice texture and to the meal. The port jus, well, it just simply perfect – it gave a nice sweet balance to the savoury meal.

As for the pork chop, it had very good flavour and nice balance of textures.
I felt that the gastrique could have used a tiny bit of salt and a touch of acidic component. But then again, this dish won me over again with its nice ensemble of whole pecans, green apples, and onion frites. Together, they made a very tantalizing combo that gave the dish a nice crunch factor (yum!).

Even thought he meal was quite filling,  we saved some room in our gastropod for desserts.

Enter the Crème Brulee and Chocolate Silk Cake (with almonds & chocolate crust).

They were pretty straightforward, but nevertheless were a good finale to our meal.
When the bill came up, we were pretty pleased to see the total.

Verdict: definitely a must try, at least once if you live in Vancity.
What’s not to love about unpretentious food that is delicious, comforting, yet decently priced?

– Jess

Les Faux Bourgeois • Bistro & Café | 663 E 15th Ave  Vancouver, BC V5T 2R6
Reservations: 604.873.9733
Bistro Hours: 5:30 – 12:00 Tue – Sun
Les Faux Bourgeois on Urbanspoon

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